Dont receive any notifications/rewards

Old Topic Dont receive any rewards, dont know what to do
I was traveling for work and could not answer.

I tried the fix with the Brave installer, but its not working.

Here: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
I see the Brave Shortcut, but no Brave Folder… i also see no Firefox or Chrome folder, so i guess its correct.

The notifications work for every browser, but not for Brave.

I also noticed something today that I haven’t tested. Can it be that Brave needs a lot of power? More memory than other browsers?

Thanks, hope anyone can help me.
Best regards, Leon

No, Brave does not need more power or anything like that.
Can you confirm that Brave is in the list of apps that have permission to send notifications? Check (in Windows) Settings --> Notifications & Actions and ensure that Brave is here.

Then, if that doesn’t work see can you try going to, and forcing the notification to pop up and see if you can do this?

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