Does Syncing Devices Also Sync Your Rewards?

I have 3 devices that I use Brave on and I have synced all of them. However, the rewards do not sync… Is that not an option, or am I doing something wrong? What is actually syncing?

As far as i know its syncing bookmarks and search history atm.

Think thats all for now though.

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No… It only syncs your bookmarks, passwords and history.
To sync rewards you have to link the same Uphold Account to all the devices… In order to do so in phones, you should have a minimum of 20 BAT tokens…

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Thanks that did answer my question :slight_smile:
It sucks that the phone needs so many to be able to sync though… would be nice if that was changed.

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Thanks that helps me understand a little more :slight_smile:
appreciate your feedback!

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If you don’t want to wait till it gets to 20 BAT, feel free to donate it to my channel:

JK, its your money so do as you wish xD

LOL :slight_smile: I will check out your channel for sure !

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Thx a lot :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

It really means a lot, you dont know :cry:

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