Does having multiple uphold accounts solve Brave Reward to uphold problem?

So I’ve been using the Brave Browser since early 2020. I’ve saved 4,684 BAT (5.19 USD) on my main PC and about 0.948 (0.90 USD) on my second PC so far. Most of the time I had the ad blocker turned on and I didn’t really care about earning it at the time (I usually give it away). Now that I have saved enough to use it I cannot access it. For some reason my Uphold balance is 0.43448 BAT (0.39) and the last payment it received was 9 months ago from a uphold member. Every time I click on withdraw money there is only 0.39 cents, no matter on which pc I try it on. I have Brave on my iphone and ipad but that service has been discontinued by apple and it was not that much BAT I had there. I have looked for solutions and all don’t work, I’ve had this problem for a year and it’s so weird that you can’t put the BAT in a Crypto wallet anymore. I have seen old video’s where it was a funtion back in the day. Now It says that the only way to back-up my Bat is if I use a uphold account but that does not work. Would making a new Uphold account and connecting it to my main pc save my Bat? My PC has crashed a couple of times back when I had a system error and I still have been using the same Uphold account for all my device. Does anybody have a solution.

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