Does Brave Support Flash? How to enable flash support?

Flash works in Chrome after I set Flash to “Ask first” and “Allow” flash on the site.

I just install Brave 1.1.23, I’m not able to get flash to work after I change the settings for Flash to “Ask first”, and “Allow” in the site’s settings, specifically: in brave://settings, flash is set at “Ask first”, and in Site settings Flash at “Allow” , but I still get “This plugin is not supported”…

Do flash work in Brave?

Can you tell me which site(s) specifically you’re unable to get flash working for?

Here is the site, you will set flash plugin at the body top left.

On my end, when I visit the site, I’m able to enable Flash and view the slideshow as intended:

Are these the same steps you took to enable flash on the site?

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On my end, it doesn’t do what yours do. Please note that I install Brave to ~/Applications (user home), not in the system wide /Applications folder.

To demonstrate, I start afresh: First, I deleted ~/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware fold to null out any previous settings and delete Brave from ~/Application. Reinstall Brave from the downloaded dmg into my ~/Applications folder. Watch my screen recording, you will see I install Brave, open it and see the BraveSoftware folder created in ~/Library/Application Support (look at the Finder window on the left side of the screen). Then I visit, you can see I don’t get the “Flash was blocked…” warning icon at the far right of address bar, to the left of the lion face. (You see the translation prompt pop up). So it’s behaving differently from yours. I then went into settings and change Flash to “Ask first”, refresh, click on the site settings and change Flash to “Allowed”, refresh, still Flash not working :frowning:

My screen recording: (sorry for the low quality, that all I can upload there)

(FYI: I cannot upload screen recording here: 1) was denied because “new user”, 2) this site do not accept .mov file, only mp4)

Try these exact instructions:

  1. Visit the site in question, go to (in address bar) Lock icon --> Site Settings --> Clear data and also Reset Permissions.
  2. Refresh the webpage.
  3. Once loaded, check for the puzzle-piece icon in the address bar as you described before. Click on it and select Run Flash this time. The page will refresh.
  4. Now, click on the page element where it says Adobe Flash Player is blocked
  5. You should then see the browser alert you that Flash is attempting to run, and whether or not you want to Block or Allow it:
  6. Choose Allow and let the page refresh.

Doe these exact steps not work for you?

Step 5 doesn’t happen. After Flash “Allow” in site settings and page refresh :frowning:

FYI: Brave is installed in ~/Applications, in non-admin account…

Does the element on the page still read Adobe Flash player blocked? If so, what happens when you click on it again?

It says “This plugin is not supported”

This is odd: first it says “plugin is blocked”, change the sites settings to Flash “Allow” and it say “plugin not supported”.

In my case, when using Google Chrome I don’t have to download and install flash from Adobe website but switching to Brave I have to do so for the flash to work.

:crying_cat_face:Too bad. Wonder why Chrome can have flash comes with it “inside” and Brave not? I won’t download and install flash.

Just re-tested this, and seems to work here;

Only issue when I installed flash stand-alone, wouldn’t work if Brave/Chome open. So I ensured every browser is closed (and killed in the task manager).

Did you need to install Flash yourself to make this work with Brave? With Chrome, it comes with flash, there is no need to separately install flash.

I Installed flash manually from adobe (a while back). I don’t think it comes with Chrome, but actually Windows. I would re-test by downloading the latest version from adobe and install it (with all browsers closed)

Okay, thanks! Chrome comes with Flash built-in…I wish Brave is the same because I don’t want to install Flash.

Just note, Flash is on life support and will be unsupported end of this year.

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