Does Brave Software support LGBTQ+ communities, and if so, in what ways does it demonstrate this support?

I am interested in understanding Brave Software’s stance and actions regarding support for LGBTQ+ communities. Specifically, I would like to know if Brave has made any public statements, engaged in initiatives, or taken any actions that show their support for LGBTQ+ rights and inclusivity. This information is important to me as I want to ensure that the software and companies I support align with my values. If there are any examples or specific instances of Brave’s involvement in LGBTQ+ advocacy or support, please provide details.

@u50tguku1f Let me start off by making sure you realize I’m another user and not someone from Brave.

Brave doesn’t align itself in any particular way. They are a business that serves everyone and does their best not to introduce any sort of bias or political opinion (other than privacy on internet) into any of their products or services. Unlike many companies, Brave hasn’t tried to be political or isolate any groups.

They are indeed inclusive as you would have seen through ads displayed within Brave Rewards. In fact, people have complained about it before, such as at Who Brave browser Android version chooses to advertise with and You should seriously stop showing pride month ads due to recent developments

That said, if you’re looking for them to openly push any agenda or advocate for groups, I think you’re “barking up the wrong tree,” as the saying goes.

Side Note

Oh, and I also want you to note that anyone you hear who says anything about Brave not being LGTBQ+ friendly are people who are only saying so as Brendan Eich long ago (around 2008, before Brave was ever created) had given $1,000 to an organization that ended up doing a campaign to advocate for California’s Proposition 8 which was to ban same sex marriage. People exaggerated this and tried saying it meant he was pushing for Proposition 8 and hated LGBTQ+, but that is far from the truth.

If you were unaware of that, I’m putting that out there. Again, he never came out saying he supported Proposition 8 nor has anything ever been said negatively about LGBTQ+ or anything. However, just knowing money went to something, people pushed heavily to try to get him removed as CEO from Mozilla and really tried ruining his life as much as possible.

What’s sad is even to this day, people try to take that and cause issues. For example,

Anyway, I rambled a bit. Can’t show any public statements or initiatives necessarily because they stay silent on things. But as showed, they do support through ads shown and all. Overall they are inclusive and try not to isolate anyone regardless of beliefs.

Again, all of this just said as another user who isn’t employed by Brave and isn’t able to speak for the company or its employees. Not sure if anyone from Brave will answer anything else to you, but hoping I bring some clarity in.


@Saoiray Thank you for this thorough answer, including the ramble! I feel this neutral approach is best for an app that focuses on privacy. It neither advocates for nor distances itself from the issue, which I think is a good middle ground approach towards “inclusion.”

I had always wondered about the Brendan Eich situation. When it first hit the news, if I remember correctly, I wrote off both Brendan and Brave, sadly. Then after hearing how well Brave was doing I decided to give it a try, and concluded the creator’s politics didn’t matter if it wasn’t affecting the product–but, now I realize I don’t even know his political views.

P.S. I like your name. Is it Irish or Scottish Gaelic? I looked it up and only found Saoirse. Sorry if this too off-topic. I’m new here.

Yes, Irish Gaelic. Username is actually two names combined. Saoi is the Irish Gaelic, it’s a word meaning “wise man” or “teacher.” Ray is my last name. Saoi or Saoi Ray had been a bit of a nickname given when I was younger and was studying to be a druid. Long story on that, but I was chasing as much history and knowledge I could. My bloodline is a mix of a lot of things, but have tracked back part of the lineage to Ireland and Scotland. Then supposedly one part of bloodline goes back to Native American, though I can’t remember what tribe. But yeah, I spent a great deal of time on it.

I guess Saoi is mainly used as a prestigious title these days, of which I’d be nowhere near qualified. You can kind of see that at

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@Saoiray Ah, I see. Fascinating!

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Generally speaking, those who engage in protesting and public advocacy, don’t believe in data privacy. Not using a broad brush here, but most people who push the LGBTQ agenda believe the government should monitor and control every aspect of their lives. Brave is the exact opposite and I hope they stay neutral in the political space