Who Brave browser Android version chooses to advertise with

Do I really have to be forced to see Pride Month ads from liberal companies like KuCoin?

To the person attempting to censor this post: reevaluate your life.


Don’t really understand your point. You do not want to see ads from “liberal companies” while using a “liberal browser”? Brave’s objective of bringing privacy to users and using alternative ways of advertising is a liberal philosophy.
Crypto in it’s own is a liberal concept. being rewarded in BAT is a liberal activity.
Can you point any ad that is currently shown in Brave that is not liberal?

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Liberals are the ones in charge of Big Tech who flagrantly disrespect basic human rights, especially when they censor Conservatives. Not sure what is hard to understand. This company was started by a Conservative in 2008 because he was targeted by the lgbt. Learn to research.


I’m fed up with thise “adult diaper” pride moth!


hello everyone @Go-go_duck @VAPG1974 @Cookie23

i just create a feature request to cover this issue

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


you welcome and let them come and i will run :joy:

the more vote the request get the more chance it get attention from the team it’s not about who make the request

so see if you know some people who could like this and make them vote for the post

thanks a lot i did not notice that they should pay me with 100 bitcoin then :joy:

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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