Why is brave browser restricting people from using custom extensions?

I’m trying to install an extension by dragging and dropping a .crx file. But for some reason, brave (which I’m pretty sure is supposed to be free to use/safer than chrome) doesn’t let you enable custom extensions. Why? First, my themes start to glitch out because of brave, now this?
This is really low iq (for some low iq reason, i can’t use the word stu p1d) and I hope this feature gets removed.


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Some ref. material





Chrome Extension auto-install for Brave

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Unlikely, possibly a bug on your end or on brave’s end.

Just two days back I installed custom extension via .crx file. It uploaded correctly to the brave browser and even auto-updates itself.

Look up if any antivirus program on your OS is doing it.
Lookong up the inage once more, just enable it by turing ON the toggle. It is blocking you from turning On the toggle, then follow above steps.

i don’t understand any type of computer code so i don’t really at the people in the github issue threads are talking about lol

FYI: Recently opened related issue reports from Brave GitHub.

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