Do 3rd Party VPN's work with Brave browser?

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—Desktop PC windows 11 pro Can I use a 3rd party vpn?

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Yes. VPN will work with any browser. I mean, the VPN themselves generally aren’t going through the browser but are just running through the OS and connecting to their IP instead.

You just will need to do your research and be aware of how good or bad that VPN provider may be. Some will actually collect and sell your data, others keep history, while others keep nothing at all. You also should realize that any VPN that is free will be lower safety and quality overall. This may mean having more leaks where people can figure out your real IP and/or location.

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Don’t know why Brave VPN will state “Could not Connect via App Store” while I’m using Brave browser.

Please open a new thread with all the information relevant to your issue and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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