Discord Installed Wonked My Brave Brave Browser

Installed Discord on my PopOS machine and now persistent url Brave tries to display when I start new browser causes it to die. I can start incognito.

Discord wanted me to verify my email and I think that is the screen it is trying to display. I verified it on my secondary computer

Url might be variant of – http://url9624.discordapp.com/ls/click?upn=qDOxxxxx

PopOS 18.04, Gnome 3,28,2, – Brave is 1.5.122 Chromium, 80.0.3987.162 64 bit build

I have a second machine using Brave and it is unaffected.

I will try rebooting my system and if that doesn’t work then I will need to know where the stored url is present so I can remove it at command level.

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