Disappeared BAT

My BAT have disappeared after almost a year of using Brave. The reason it’s said - unsupported region, however my country (Switzerland) is not one of the unsupported regions and I haven’t been moving at all! And I haven’t used any VPN as well. So what is going on with my BAT tokens? Can someone explain please?

@Krissss was the passport you provided to Uphold from Switzerland or from another country?

Would have nothing to do with it. Whether your country is supported or not is viewed based on your passport.

As of new version, no more vBAT earned. Also no more Verified and Unverified but instead it’s whether you’re Connected. It sounds like you’re saying you’ve tried to Connect to Uphold but are getting the message your country isn’t supported when you try to log in. If that’s the case, it usually means the country that you verified with via your passport does not belong to a country that is currently supported. If that’s the case, you’ll need to contact Uphold and have them update your ID to one from Switzerland.

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