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How do I delete the suggested texts? Every time I visit a website where I add a comment, it suggests my previously commented text which isn’t something I am proud of and I want to clear (delete/remove) it, where can I do that?

I am using the latest stable version of Brave in Windows 11.

hi @SmartyAadi @Saoiray
Any suggestion for this?

I have no idea. Couldn’t find anything in settings. Saoiray might know maybe.

This is a normal thing for Browsers to do, it has to do with the autofill that happens on input boxes, not something developers use now days, it’s like old web technology of doing things.

But basically, what the browser does is when you type a word in one of these input boxes, they have a name, and that name will be written to the Web Data file in the Autofill Table as

name      value   value_lower     date_created     date_last_used       count
inputbox   test    test           1687708966       1687708966            1

Then whatever input box that matches that name, will be displayed in the browser.

  1. you can remove them by Shift+Del

  2. to disable these suggestions completely you have to disable them completely for anything else, and that’s done by toggling off brave://settings/addresses


Okay, no problem.

This worked. Thanks a lot.

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