Disable (outdated) redirect from http to https

I am experimenting with one of my own sites, e.g., xxx.aschemann.net. I once had it enable an auto redirect from http to https. But now I switched that off (in fact I completely set it up new). Nevertheless Brave still thinks it should automatically switch from http to https - which is not available any longer. How can I reset this behaviour?

chrome://settings/shields or brave://settings/shields

disable upgrade to https
PS this method turns off the whole system https Upgrade
if you want to turn it off for just that site
click the shield and turn off Https upgrade then clear cookies and site setting for your site

Thanks, but this does not solve the problem. The site does not even exist anymore (DNS returns no A or AAAA records any longer), but is still upgraded to https.

But a tweet pointed me to the right direction: https://twitter.com/chkal/status/1170751124468568064?s=20
With the help of inspect (and disabling cache and preserve log) I found there must be a HSTS still stored. Then I could delete this https://www.thesslstore.com/blog/clear-hsts-settings-chrome-firefox/ to finally solve the problem.

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