Are ads stopped if certain websites are used or certain things are typed?

I’m just wondering if there’s a blacklist of things that if you hit them, even through sarcasm, they will stop a person from getting ads. My main thing I find funny is sarcasm, and I fear it’s ended my chance at receiving ads. With other people also going days without ads, this makes my belief of a blacklist seemingly more true if those others are in one of the big three countries(US/Canada,UK).

I can understand days of low ads, but days of none doesn’t make sense in the US.

Will you provide any information to saving the BAT wallet, while resetting everything else to see if ads resume?

I just found out just copying over the various directories will not keep a BAT wallet that’s valid. A copying of one branch of related registry entries will not help. So basically, anyone that runs into trouble, has no real way of backing up their wallet where they never could or never did verify their wallet with uphold.

I hope to see you add backing up of wallets (again?) possible. I hope you figure out what’s causing ads to stop, or at least tell people that they are no longer allowed to get ads, and why. I sure hope it isn’t censorship.

I needed to restart my computer and I actually got one ad for the card game that I’m certainly not interested in. Seeing that a restart helped, is the Brave updater service part of what allows ads to pop up?

Also I see NTP views of a sponsor there now shows up in the 7-day history.

Here’s my summary of what to do if no ads are appearing and you tried opening different sites and reading articles.

  1. For those outside of US, UK and Canada, make sure you have active campaigns in your country:
  2. If you use a VPN, check your location each time. Yes, you can show up as in Romania on a Dallas, TX server.
  3. If you killed or disabled the Brave Updater service, fix it back and reboot.
  4. Reinstall and reboot. If you uninstall or backup-recover, you’ll probably lose your BAT.

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