Where & how can I advertise my Brave Affiliate link?

Hi Brave,

One quick question. I’ve only been promoting Brave on my YouTube channel. In the email about changes to your rewards program you state: “We wanted to give you as much advance notice as possible, especially for those of you who are promoting Brave via ads.”

Are you saying we are allowed to promote our affiliate link on other sites other than our own through advertising? Are there any restrictions and guidelines? Any information would be greatly appreciated.



Use you can advertise it anywhere you like. So long as the people singing up aren’t bots, etc…But I think you are not allowed to tell them about being able to make money. Just advertise it as a browser, etc.

If you sign up bots they will suspend your account. That’s a no no! What about telling people that they get cryptocurrency for viewing ads? Is that really not allowed? Would that be classified as being able to make money.

Yes, it is the same as any other referral program. You have to market the product not the ability to make money from it.

Lucky for us, the products is AMAZING…And sells itself :wink:

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