Different reward between Windows and Android?

Hi there,
I’m receiving 0.01 BAT reward per Ad in Andoid, but I receive 0.05 BAT in Windows. and I receive tons of ads (in good days, 15-20 ads per hour) in Android, but I think its a bug that I receive 0.01 BAT :s
Can someone explain this? I didn’t find anything about these values in the community

Per hour?? The limit per hour is 5.

How many ads have you recived until now and how many bat is counted in your estimated earnings?

Ex: i have 9.6 BAT as estimated eanings and 195 ads seen.

195/0.05=9.75 that is accurate since i have receive a few ads in the mean while im making the calculation and it takes some time to update the counter and don’t being so strict.

This in android.

Of course if you want to be very strict with that well:

let me jump in this one

it’s interesting to see different rate for the ads but can i ask do you use vpn with anyone of your deviced or both of them
if yes does they go via fixed country or it random
i.e that it keep change the location of the server each time you start the vpn

if no

then i read something in the log of the reward internal about rate idk if that the rate of bat per ads or something else

omg that reward and bat thing gone drive us crazy hhhh

According to this, from a comment from @eljuno the BAT rewards price vary, i assume it depends also on the advertisers and the BAT current value.

In any case, also take in count that the counter displays round numbers (on mobile).

But yes, the average price for BAT according users comments is 0.05 but is no law.

Also checking past threads:

And quoting @eljuno:

“Nothing changed. Because it’s vary for each ad. And it’s always 70% of the revenue share.”

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thanks for the details :slight_smile:

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