BAT rewards reduced?

has the remuneration per advertisement been reduced?

On Windows:
Ads viewed: 98
Estimated BAT: 4,840
~ 0,049 BAT / Ad

Ads viewed: 14
Estimated BAT: 0,385
~ 0,0275 BAT/ Ad

that is ridiculously little and was much better before…

I also find the flow of information very modest.
Isn’t there a listing anywhere?

  • How much BAT is paid per ad insertion
  • Is there a limit

communication with the end user is simply too unclear

greeting Spitfire

@steeven @Mattches


Hello @Spitfire I think that as the browser population grows the rewards decrease. It is sad that they didn’t tell us about this issue since the very beggining but at least we keep earning from refferals and some ads.

In addition, if you want to earn more money while browsing with Brave, check this :slight_smile:

And If you have any doubt just tell me :+1:

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Well as a user i can say that some ad earnings had been reduce, yes, that´s my feeling. One of the reasons is what Gabriel has mention.

Also during june-august some fraudulent accounts where detected and due to that some payouts where affected, some users think something has to do with this also.

And well, BAT earnings depend on what the advertiser configures, the amount of money he wants to use for the campaign and the number of users targeted for it.

So more users for the same amount of money means less rewards for all.

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Oh I see, kinda make sense becouse in other services the advertisers can choose the ammount, But since we have been receiving the same ammount of BAT per each Ad seems weird that they changed It, at least they should notify the users :confused:

On the fluctuating price/value of BAT:

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