Different order of results using google search on Brave compared to Chrome

When I use the search feature in brave (default is google) the results the appear are in a different order than when i search using chrome (and google as search engine)… for instance, when i google BTC in chrome, you get the standard price of BTC with a chart, but when I search for it in Brave, the price and chart are down at the bottom of the results page… I have also tried going directly to the google search url… I have included a screen shot… please note the location of the page scroll bar, as the left browser is brave showing that I have to scroll down to near the bottom of the page to see the relevant information, compared to chrome on the right side, where it just pops up as intended… what is going on here?

Your screenshot is not working. Re-attach it.

what about now in new post?

Yes, I am able to see it now.

On my end, on brave, the first result is the btc price chart. (see the scroll bar)
Can you try it in private window, and see if you get the same result.
Also, try by turning your shields (adblocker) off for google search (for experiment)

Do a unfollow for the BTC chart, I can see that you have followed it. Then, it might show as the first result.

using private, it works as intended… but there is def something up with my browser… even though google is set to default, when i use the address bar for search, it brings me to bing search results (not in private browser)… this is highly annoying and just started happening a few days ago, after the most recent brave update

That is a sign of sometype of malware. Scan your device with https://www.malwarebytes.com/

Or one of your extensions is interfering and redirecting your search results to bing. The extensions earns some money on the side that way.

ran the software, found some malware, but when removed, nothing changes in brave… I also tried an uninstall and reinstall of brave…

This was fixed by resetting brave browser settings… had nothing to do with malware i guess

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