Didn't receive brave reward and brave ads

Hi, I used Brave browser since 3 month. But I don’t receive any reward and ads. When the contribution date appear it brave show insufficient balance and say waiting for next contribution date why?? Also not getting any brave ads. Please help me and kindly let me know, Thanks


@monjursayad Thanks for reaching out! From the post I understand, you are not receiving UGP grants and Not receving any Ads? In order to get Ads notifications IP+Locale criterai should match. Currently Ads are supported for 5 Regions ( US, UK, Canada, France and Germany). Could you let us know which country you live in?
UGP grants are not available right now, that’s why you are not seeing grants in Rewards.


I am from Bangladesh

And didn’t receive previous 3 month contribution

i didn’t received my brave ads reward, its insufficient fund. how/where i can deposit and have reward?

What does that mean in detail: “IP+Locale criteria should match”? I’ve an IP from Germany but my Android mobile has the English Locale in system settings – might this be the reason I nearly receive zero ads over there?

@monjursayad Ads are not yet suppored for Bagladesh. That’s the reason you are not receiving ads even though rewards is enabled


@TheRealQubix You should be able to receive ads as your IP is Germany and which is one of the ads supported country and locale is also matching the criteria. Are you not receving any ads on Android? can you please provide the brave version details? please note you need to enable rewards inorder to receive Ads, when rewards is enabled Ads are also enabled by defaults.


And… another post about it @gsarvadnya
Same problem here: No ADS with brave / here: VPNs and Brave rewards / and here: Brave desktop browser don't show any ads

Hey @gsarvadnya, thank you for your reply. Following a summary of my observation regarding ads (yes, they are enabled):

Android Mobile 1: zero ads during the day when I use Brave, about 3 ads during the night while it sits on my nightstand and isn’t being used at all.

Android Mobile 2: about one ad per day; e.g. it says 18 ads for this month although Brave is used for surfing (my girlfriends phone, used quite a bit :slight_smile:

MacOS desktop: ads only received in certain timeframes (mostly late at night or in the early morning, nearly nothing during the day); 17 ads in total for this month.

All three have the latest versions of Brave, have a German IP (no VPNs whatsoever), do have an English OS locale and English+German browser locales enabled.

Could the reason be that there are just not enough ads available for my region? But if so, why do they not get displayed while I’m using Brave the most?

Thank you.

hi. I live in Germany. I have an IP address in Vietnamse. Can I get a reward from brave?

@ngocnv If I understand your question correctly, you live in Germany and you have connected your device to Vietnamse via VPN? If so, you won’t receive any ads.


@TheRealQubix Apologies for late reply. Ads are triggered based on the Ads categories available in the Catalog file. For example, If catalog contains 4 categories for your region ( Personal Finance , Technology & Computing , Business and Education ). If you browse any website, if it falls under any of these categories then ads will be triggered. Please try this and revert back if you are seeing the same issue. I can redirect your question to Ads team they will check ads campaign for Germany and get back to you.



Thank you for the very clear answer.