Did not recieve my BAT

I have a verified wallet with Gemini. I have brave on mobile and on PC.

I recieved my BAT from my new mobile account. which was 1.7 BAT

But I did not receive my 17.8 BAT from my PC wallet.

What do I do about this? The Support here is almost non existent. No one responded to my last post other than to state that they did not get theirs either.

This is a payout status update for the Brave Ads August, 2022 payout.

Brave Ads Payout status:

  • Verified Uphold wallets: :yellow_circle: Payments Completed
  • Verified Gemini wallets: :yellow_circle: Payments Completed
  • Unverified wallets: :yellow_circle: Claims Available

{In this image it says my wallet is unverified}


I click the button

It takes me to this page. Where it states that my wallet is verified.


Can some one other than a regular user respond to this?

I’m missing 17+ BAT

I tried to submit a claim via the brave support thing

But cannot enter my Wallet Payment ID because it is not available on internals.

My log is also full of Errors.

Im in the same boat as you right now. Verified uphold account, no issues prior. Received nothing.

Looks like they fixed it some how not sure what happened. But i sent an email and messaged some one my log. I hope this helps you @coinage.

I will be changing Operating Systems here shortly hope that doesn’t fudge everything up.

Thanks for the update, glad it is now resolved.

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