Dialog text doesn't disappear when playing video in screen overlay

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Description of the issue:

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Stream a video from a website, minimize the player and continue playing it on screen overlay.
  2. You will see a dialog box with a message doesn’t go away immediately and covers the whole “minified overlayed screen”.

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Galaxy A12 & One Plus 5T

Additional Information:

Does this happen on Chrome as well?

No, it doesn’t. Because Chrome doesn’t have such dialog box (notification) while on full screen.
Only Brave has this issue because of that full screen notification. :slight_smile:

Do you mind translating that text? I don’t really understand what its saying there

It says “To exit full screen, swipe from the top and tap the back button.”

Am sorry I can’t repro the issue on any site. @Mattches can you try to repro this one?

Try using any movie or football streaming site. I can reproduced this issue from 3 different devices (One Plus, Samsung and Google Pixel) 10/10 times.

Would you mind providing an exact link(s) to sites where you see this behavior so I can test against what you’re seeing exactly?

Thank you

Sure. Furthermore, I can recreate the visual for your convenience.
Here is a YT Short of bug recreation.

Here is an example link:


Open the link, click play button, click on full screen, minimize the player as screen overlay, dialog box pops up and covers the minified screen (and doesn’t fade away).

Thanks for the info — on that site, how did you actually initiate the PiP mode for the video? I tried several actions but couldn’t get the video to minimize the way you did.


You can simply click the home (circle icon) button that takes you to the home screen. You have do click it only when the video is playing in the full screen mode, and in this case, video should be played in portrait mode (i.e not in landscape mode). In 1 Plus 5T, home button appears when you slightly drag your thumb upwards from the bottom-center.

On a contrary, can we not just remove that annoying dialog box? I can’t understand how that information (bug) is helping anyone in any way.

The popup is a little different, at least on the Fold3. Its treated like a window; I haven’t checked the Samsung tablet, but I would expect similar to my Fold.

You screenshot is not relevant to the issue I am trying to explain occuring in the mobile browsers.
Plus, you have minimized the whole browser, try minimizing the player in the full screen mode.

You screenshot is not relevant to the issue I am trying to explain occuring in the mobile browsers.

This is a mobile phone I’m using, how do you pop out then? Is it feature of the phone or website?

Please notice in the above linked video, once I have activated the full screen, I nudged the home button on the Bottom-Center (by slightly swapping upwards) to minimize the player in PiP/overlay mode.

I have created one more video from a different mobile device. Please have a look. :sweat:

Thank you for the info. However, after successfully minimizing the play window, I do not see the message overlay that you’re seeing on your end (pop-up window on top left playing w/no overlay)

Can you tell me what version of Android the device is using?

Hi Mattches,

Thanks for the reply.

I have tried with android version 10 and 12 with the same result.

In your case, did you see the dialog box at all? I am pretty sure if you quickly open pip mode (before the dialog box in the full screen fades away), you will see the bug. In other words, do with the same speed I did in my videos.

Oh yeah actually I do see it now — if you initiate the PIP mode quickly while the message is present it will persist when the window pops—out. Certainly annoying but easily worked around — just wait until the message disappears before entering PiP mode. I will let the Android team know about this regardless.


Exactly. It’s more than annoying actually as it happens every single time you repeat this operation.
Anyway, thanks for your consideration. Hopefully, it gets sorted out. That is it from my side.

Have a wonderful weekend.