Some Developer Tools settings don’t persist in new tabs/windows - still unfixed

Re-posting an original post by @TD540 (Some Developer Tools settings don't persist in new tabs/windows) and adding to it my own notes.

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Issues on GitHub: (also 20075 and 20491)

I’m trying to permanently disable a Dev Tools setting called “Enable CSS source maps”, but I have to do it every time I open a new tab or window. In other Chromium browsers, this setting persists.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open a tab
  2. Open Dev Tools
  3. Go to dev tools setting (gear icon top right)
  4. In Preferences, uncheck “Enable CSS source maps”
  5. Open a new tab, repeat steps, and notice that “Enable CSS source maps” is again checked

Expected result:
The setting should persist in all new tabs and windows, just like in Chrome and Edge.

Brave Version:
Version 1.36.111 Chromium: 99.0.4844.51 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional information:
The preference “Allow scrolling past end of file” is also not persisting in new tabs or windows. Just like JS Source Maps, Enable Sync and Show Timestamps.

Issue is filed, known and being reviewed.