Detailed history view

I’m disappointed that the history view in Brave is of the Infinite Scroll variety used in modern browsers that needlessly replaced more useful history views. I recall in the past Firefox and Chrome having a more detailed history view which included timestamps and the ability to sort columns by timestamps. Sort of like what’s pictured here:

I assume this metadata is still available, so the only reason I can think that these features were replaced with infinite scroll was to conform to Web 2.0 design standards.

This needless restriction seems to assume the only use case for a history view is to view your most recent browsing history. I have found it very useful to use detailed browsing history views to find old links I accessed, and recall what I had accessed at a specific point in time. There are some “Better History” addons such as which offer some improvements, but I believe Brave could offer another advantage to other browsers by providing more robust history browsing features.