Desktop show verified but Mobile show not yet verified


My website @ has been verified 2 weeks ago. I am able to view my status as verified creator on desktop. However, on mobile, it shows as not yet verified.

Is there anything I need to do at my end?


Hey vince85,

the info i get when i open your site is,

This verified content creator has not yet configured his account to receive tips from Brave users. Any donations you send will remain in your wallet until it completes this process.

I did that with my desktop version. Just to give you heads-up!

Thanks Rotblut, if you use a PC to test my site, it will show verified. However, on mobile, even with desktop view, it will show the msg that you have seen.

True words. I think the message suggests that you should register and verify an uphold account because it says:

That was my consideration.

Have not reach 25 BAT to verify uphold account, maybe you are right.
You could see my PC view on my site, is verified.image

Yes verifyed with a brave account!

To make an uphold account just go to, enter e-mail, click get started, make an account and link it to your brave account. I did that all at once when i first install the browser. The verifying process then need a real verification with any ID-Card or Drivers Licence to make sure you live in a supported country.

Let me try that later

Applied Uphold account and able to linked to PC browser. But unable to link to browser with Android phone (in both desktop view and mobile view".
Android version still showing not yet verified.

When did you registered your site? changes can be reflected globaly in a week sometimes.

2 Weeks ago, PC view ok, only android view can’t work.

Curious, i suggest to contact/DM an admin for it.
Keep in mind, small Team, a lot to work! :wink:
Give him a day or two to respond.

Ok will try to contact them

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