Brave Creator Account Not Verified on Android even after 1 week

Brave Creator Account Not Verified on Android even after 1.5 week.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Channel links: (Reddit) (Youtube)
  2. It keeps showing not verified and the refresh button in the not verified section gets stuck.
  3. Read a number of forums saying that the list refreshes every week so I waited over a week, still no changes. (Account created on 2nd October, 2021

I hope the issue gets fixed soon as some of my friends want to tip me.

Brave Version( 1.30.87`):

All Devices are Android 11

Additional Information:
I have also been to, but the site doesn’t open anymore. (I understand it’s not from the official team)

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Thank you for reaching out to us.
The issue has to do with the verified Creators list – you are not the only one encountering this. We have a fix for this coming along with a new Rewards panel update.

That said, your sites are verified properly and users will be able to tip/contribute to them as expected. I just tested on my end and both your Reddit account and your YT Channel appear verified:

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Any fix for android?

I think it may be due to this particular issue:

I will reach out to the Android team for more information on the status of this issue.

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Ya similar not same. Niether the short url nor the long url shows as verified in any mode (mobile or desktop mode on android)

Apologies for the long wait time – I’m seeing another open issue that looks similar to yours:

I’ve reached out the team for additional input as well.

Curently there has been a new issue in android. The rewards panel doesn’t show any tip or anything. Here’s a screenshot. It doesn’t work on any site.

Not even wallet connection button is available.

Pretty sure once I reinstall the app I am gonna loose all the collected rewards.

I do not believe you should uninstall. I’ve forwarded this information to the Android team to review and should have more information soon. We appreciate your patience.

I haven’t recieved any reply since.

Any update on my not getting verified on android issue?

The next update to the Android browser (v1.32.115) has the new Rewards panel implementation which should resolve the issue you’re encountering.

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me too facing the same issue
So when this next update will be given to the user.
Thank U for all your efforts.

In my andorid its showing not verified but at the same time on desktop it showing verified

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