Removing icons from Bookmarks bar


New to Brave and am excited about it!

One thing which is driving me nuts as I attempt to learn how to use this browser: I imported my Bookmarks Bar from Safari, but it also imported an icon before each site nickname, which I really don’t want. I’m sure some people love them, but I find them distracting and a waste of precious space.

Some Google searching says that there should be a way to manage this in Preferences/Settings > General, but my Preferences/Settings menu doesn’t offer a General tab; I only get People, Autofill, Appearance, Search engine, Default browser, Sync, and On startup.

I’m on Version 0.59.34 Chromium: 72.0.3626.81, the latest version as of 2019-02-02. How do I customize the browser to get rid of these icons? I prefer the simple unobtrusive line of text from Safari.


Thanks for the feedback @Dunan,

Currently there’s no option to customize bookmarks bar. We’ve an issue logged here



Thanks for the confirmation! It looks like previous versions of the
browser, or versions on other platforms, let you do this, so I was
left totally confused as to why I couldn’t. For now I’ve just
eliminated the bookmarks bar entirely.


Hi @Dunan,

Prev. Brave (muon) - 0.25.x - have this option. But this version has been replaced by the new Brave (brave-core) - 0.59.x and higher. And the new version not yet have this option yet. The issue linked above is to bring back the option to the new version. :slightly_smiling_face:

More about the migration