Delete site settings in bulk / delete all

I’m new to everything crypto.
I’m reading on passive income and beer money and that’s how I got into Brave.
I installed it on my desktop and also on my Android (previously I was using Edge, which I still think is superior in some of the GUI design + the read out loud feature (which if exists in Brave, I haven’t found it yet).

I went crypto faucet hunting… Which made me browse and use some shady websites, and some requiring shields down.
So far no big issues, but had to one time cleanup site settings… And oh boy, what an ordeal (30-60minutes deleting entries one by one…)

It seems I’m not able to delete all site settings stored.
And I also can’t select in bulk and delete just a couple.
So this is the feature I’m asking - delete all site settings with one button! (and less priority, select several sites to delete in one click).

This is a huge time saver and could do wonders in terms of security - and considering Brave current niche, I assume a lot of users will be roaming for faucets like I did

You should be able to with no issues. Guessing maybe just looking into the wrong place?

  • Go to brave://settings/privacy
  • Click on Clear browsing data.
  • Set time range in the drop down box
  • Check box that says Cookies and other site data
  • Hit Clear Data.

And should be done. If necessary, can do similar in Advanced part of that instead of Basic, where it has Cookies and other site data as an open as well as another option for Site and Shield Settings.

If you’re wanting this to occur on a regular basis, you just would check these settings in the On Exit part of that setting and it would do it.

Shouldn’t ever be any. If you ever experience any site that gets blocked with Shields up, please report it here under the Ad-Blocking category at #support-and-troubleshooting:ad-blocking and adjustments will be made.


If you’re referencing the idea of some sites showing in the Sites that can always use cookies portion, that’s the whitelist. If you turn off Shields on a site, they get added to that. 99% of the time to get those removed from that list, you have to go back to that site and enable Shields. (this is something they have slated to be fixed, but not sure how long down the road)

takes me nowhere on Android (the browser actually updates the url to chrome://…)
But clearing site settings under “Brove protection and privacy” > “Clear browsing data”
( ) didn’t actually clear “site settings”
( )…
(actual text may differ, since I’m translating back to EN)

What I want to clear is the second screen