Can we have an option to select which saved data we would like to delete?

Can we have an option to select which saved data/cookies we would like to delete? It has only delete all or or delete one at a time and it deletes sign in info as well as website images and such. Can we just have a checkbox option with select all/select none and we can add or remove what we like from the delete list olease.

Thank you for reaching out.
There are a couple ways to do what you’re asking here already implemented.

To start, if you go to Settings --> History --> Clear browsing data --> Advanced — here, you will have the option to check or uncheck which types of data you’d like to delete:

You can delete individual site/cookie data by going to brave://settings/content/all — however, as you correctly pointed out, unfortunately there is no way to bulk select which of these cookies you’d like to clear. You can, however, enter specific websites into the Search area of this page to display only the desired cookies. While not quite as powerful as a bulk selection option, it does make it significantly easier to find and clear out only the desired data:

We have a few Help Center articles that may be useful for you as well:

Hope this helps!

Hi thanks for your response. So the second one isn’t what I’m looking for and it doesnt look like I have the settings-history option. Is that for desktop? I thought I was in the mobile questions section.

The above is for desktop yes, you did not post in the mobile support (or desktop support) thread. Can you please tell me what type of mobile device you’re using?

Oh shoot. This was my first post and I don’t know the forum well.
I’m using an android mobile.

So what options do I have for mobile?

For Android, your best bet is to use the Clear on exit feature, which is similar to the one listed above for desktop. On Android, you can find this by going to Settings --> Brave Shields & Privacy --> Clear browsing data

Does this option clear sign-in info? And I’m guessing I cant pick which websites to clear on exit? It’s just a browser setting for every website?

You can use this methodology to achieve what you’re looking for (same process on Android):

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