Delete my all verified devices with uphold and credit my BAT rewards

I had earned
0.8515 form profile 1
0.494 from profile 2
Both profiles verified on uphold
And payment date was of 8 sept 2021. But Earned points got removed automatically from brave browser wallet And not even credited to my verified uphold account. Please help so I will get my earned BAT.

Now, as I changed the operating system, windows 8.1 Now it is saying
“Device limit reached / your wallet cannot be verified because you’ve reached maximum verified device limit”.
Kindly remove all the devices linked to my uphold account , with my email ID []

So I can start earning again., that is the only reason why i am using Brave Browser
I had not even earned 1 BAT for a 1 month browsing. I hope my earned amount will reflect in uphold soon as well as my devices will be removed so i can start my earning on my new OS.


Please resolve this issue ASAP.

The payment is still in process. View it over here: Monthly Ads Payout Status Update

BTW, why do you have 2 profiles?
PS- Those can’t be removed. You should have used them wisely.

Can you please send me a DM with your wallet payment ID, found on your brave://rewards-internals page?

Hello Sir,

I am facing an issue regarding today payout.I am a verified user on uphold.I haven’t received payment of this month yet. In my reward section, claim reward not available.I have around 0.8095 bat regarding this month.In my reward summary section, it is showing “No activities yet this month” instead of payment pending.Please give the payment as soon as possible.

Thanks and Regards

Please do not hijack other user’s threads.

Verified wallet payments are still being processed.

i had updated my OS today also due to which my brave browser also got uninstalled, so only way to track my fund is my email ID,
even if my BAT coins are not able to recover, i want a fresh start with my previous profiles deleted from my uphold account, so I can verify my brave browser rewards again.

I got 0.494 BAT in my uphold but 0.8515 BAT pending


please remove all the verified accounts of brave that are connected to uphold.
so I can make a fresh start.
also I got 0.494 BAT in my uphold but 0.8515 BAT pending

I am user of brave browser from last 8-9 months.I am a verified user with uphold account. During previous month dated 12/08/2021 I lost 7-8 bat tokens with earning estimated amount equal to 4-5 usd.I have uninstalled the browser , then again installated it. During this process, I lost the earning month estimated amount of 4-5 usd.Please manage the lost bat token and add to this month earning amount.

Tell us if they are able to remove them. Because there is a ton of people over the limit.

Sorry but that is not something we do. You lost your BAT by uninstalling and reinstalling the browser for your own purposes, not due to something that happened on our end or some error in the browser.

Thank you.

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