Default Brave Profile

is it possible to set a default profile in the brave browser. For some reason the brave browser always defaults to my second profile which has none of my bookmarks.

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Hi @JCP952,

There is no way to set your default profile.
How many profiles do you have?
When you say “defaults to my second profile”, can you run me though how you open Brave and get to that point. i.e. does it move to your second profile when you’re opening a new window/tab or when Brave is completely closed and you start a new session?

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So I just tried it on my end, @JCP952. The only thing that I did was focused on my main profile, close/exit my another profile before I quit Brave. It seems Brave remember the last profile that you used.


I went to my profiles Selected Exit from my 2nd profile then selected my first profile. When I closed Brave and re-opened the first profile was now the one displayed. As long as I don’t close the first profile and open the second one the first profile will always be displayed when I open brave. Not a default but close enough.

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