How to set a default profile for opening links when having 2 profiles in brave?

I generally use brave for both school and regular use.

So I have 2 profiles but links seem to open in the school profile every time rather than the main one. Any way to change this?

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Brave doesn’t offer a profile-specific URLs feature as of the moment. I personally use multiple user profiles for different tasks, such a feature would be super handy to me as well.

Do you keep both user profiles active at the same time? I can’t think of a reason why a link from user profile 1 would open in user profile 2, unless you intentionally do that with a right-click → Open link asProfile X.

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I do infact use 2 profiles at the same time… Atleast during my school hours because opening random links in my browser wouldn’t really be neat.

All right, let me see if I understand you correctly.

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. Open both profiles at the same time.
  2. Search something using Profile 1.
  3. Clicking on a random search result opens the result in Profile 2.

Yes That is pretty much what I am facing right now!
I was using my personal profile but when I clicked a link, it opened a new window in my school profile

That’s an interesting issue, profiles definitely shouldn’t work like that. I’m personally using multiple profiles, like I mentioned in a previous comment, and haven’t experienced such an issue ever.

Does the issue occur randomly?
Does your second profile load a specific kind of URLs, or it would load everything you click on while using your first profile?

Here’s some background info!
I had clicked a link i recieved on whatsapp. Before checking into whatsapp, I was using my personal profile with the school profile running on a seperate desktop in windows 10 in the background.
When I clicked the link, the link opened in the school tab by moving to that desktop and opening it from the background despite having my personal open in the same desktop and used last.
also, i’ve only just set up brave a day back to try it out and like it quite bit till now so i do not have enough info to say if this is always happening. will try out tomorrow.

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