Dashboard Suggestion: Top Sites

I often use the ‘Favorites’ tab in Top Sites on the Brave dashboard to navigate around the internet. The large icons of the ‘Favorites’ tab helps me visualize where I want to go and helps me get to sites faster because most of the time I don’t have to read the site name I can just see the icon and click and go, almost like an app icon on mobile. I find that the top sites favorite section only offers 8 slots on one page and the only way to navigate to the next page is to click a very tiny dot. This interaction breaks the speed at which I want to reach new pages, my hand has to slow down and use precision to click that dot. I want to suggest 2 things.

  1. Make the favorite sites tab include MORE website on one page. I think it could extend down and even include up to 32 websites or even more! It could also flex with the size you have the browser on your screen.
  2. My other suggestion is to make navigating to the next page of top sites a lot easier, a large arrow or even increase the dot size just so it’s easier to click.

Thanks so much for hearing my suggestion!

TLDR; Increase website cap on top sites or increase size of the dot at the bottom to go to the next page because it’s very hard to click at a fast pace breaking the momentum of my website navigation

ps. I love brave btw like actually literally metaphorically and spiritually obsessed with this browser!

I agree with this feature request — I would not that I opened an issue a while back that addresses at least half of this issue: