Please add the ability to add more favorite sites to the main dashboard!

What I really love about Brave browser is definitely the convenience of having my favorite sites every time I open a new tab and am on the dashboard. But I’m sure for me and other people, having 8 favorites isn’t enough. I remember checking the settings and getting disappointed that there wasn’t an option to add more. I’ve had to sit and think of what favorite link I need to delete to add another site, which sometimes is quite frustrating. It’s frustrating because I wish I could just add it, with no limitation. Now I understand that maybe it wasn’t included due to aesthetic purposes, so that’s why I’m asking for it to be an OPTION in the settings, where you can add more ROWS if you really need to. I really hope this gets added, it’d make me incredibly happy and excited if I was able to add more of my favorite sites to the favorites part of the dashboard.

Thank you for your time,
Anton Savelyev