Darken Websites Settings

Hello, I would like to suggest enabling flag Darken websites checkbox in themes setting (#darken-websites-checkbox-in-themes-setting) as default.

Currently it I think perfect, I have this flag enabled and in Setting - Appearance - Theme I have set Follow System Settings and under that I have now checked If it is possible, use for websites dark theme. And as I said it working flawlessly.

I hope that I provided you something useful and have a great day and thank you for your work.

Why this is needed when we can just turn on Night Mode from the Appearance settings?

Because then it is activated for all sites only if your phone is in dark mode. So it is automatic and dependent on your current phone theme.

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The checkbox allows you to toggle between dark and normal mode instantly. Without it, you have to toggle Night mode and restart Brave.

The checkbox should automatically appear when Night mode is enabled.