Dark Mode not working in Google Docs or Google Sheets

Description of the issue:
Dark mode isn’t working on Google Docs or Google Sheets. It works on other sites but GD/GS is white instead of dark.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Set brave:flags > “Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents” to “Enabled”
  2. Open any Google Docs or Google Sheets document.

Expected result:
Google Docs or Google Sheets should render in dark mode.

Brave Version:

I’ve noticed the same, and don’t know of a perfect solution to this – unless/until Google add a Dark Mode directly to the web app, which, it still blows my mind that they haven’t done this yet (unless I’m missing it).

But if you aren’t opposed to using browser extensions, Dark Reader is excellent.

I think the solution is to fix the native dark mode in Brave. Not sure about Google Docs but, in Google Sheets, dark mode enables momentarily and then turns off. While it’s on, it appears to works properly. Pretty sure there’s a bug preventing it from staying on. Not sure if dark mode is a Brave feature or inherited from Chrome but the bug could be fixed.

I’d prefer not to use Dark Reader. I use Firefox currently and Dark Reader really slows down pages. I’m trying to move from Firefox to Brave because I’m finding Firefox slow.

Yes, when I said ‘solution’ I of course meant ‘existing solution…’

I agree about the performance hit with Dark Reader. But, I still use it and tolerate it because, as I find sites that don’t work well with it, I can toggle/change it as needed whereas with the built-in Dark Mode you get what you got – and even if there are various flavors of the implementation, they require a relaunch of the browser.

YMMV which is easier for you to tolerate. Maybe someday we’ll get built-in perfection but it could be some time.

Thanks @JimB1. I tested in Chrome and reproduced the issue so I’m guessing the issue is with Chrome. I posted to the Chrome forum. Hopefully Google corrects the issue.

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Actually you can change that. You can change your theme setting to make it easier to view documents, presentations, and spreadsheets on your mobile device. The dark theme automatically adjusts your documents and sheets to fit the theme and improve viewing. While it doesn’t necessarily ease the strain on your eyes, it can prove more comfortable and attractive than dark text on a bright background, especially when using a device in a dark room. By the way, would you like to use free templates for creating invoices? For more information about Google Docs features that make it easy for users, you can find it at https://docsandslides.com/googledocs/invoice/.

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