Dark mode in v1.4 on Android

Can you please confirm the dark mode in v1. 4 on Android doesn’t apply to web pages but to settings only?

Correct – dark mode only covers browser elements/internal pages at this time.


Thank you Mattches. Samsung’s native browser implemented a full fledged dark mode almost two years ago, not sure why others are lagging behind.

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Yep dark mode

Unless you look at Sync settings where it’s a total mess, also in light mode as well

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@Taomyn Thats a known issue https://github.com/brave/browser-android-tabs/issues/2107

Like you said its native browser which Samsung has customized to meet its device requirements so it’s easy for them to make the changes. Currently we are working on other high priority items so we don’t have an eta on implementing dark mode

That’s ok. I felt the dark mode ‘claim’ was a bit misleading that prompted me to raise this question.

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Yeah its more of dark theme than dark mode. We probably should have mentioned it as theme in release notes as well. Thanks for bringing it up. Will inform the concerned team to fix it

That’s ok, thanks for quick turnaround. :+1::+1:

Yes, i saw sync settings has small white too, i hope they will fix it soon.

Please when the team finds time, you should improve this feature, because it’s a very important one, my friend!!! Especially when we can save a bit of battery and our eyes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: too…
I posted a similar problem with comparison screenshots between the 2 browsers, and as much as i love brave and its my favorite one, i have to keep Samsung’s too because of this feature… They implemented it perfectly ( the high contrast setting ) so i want to see it in my favorite browser too…

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