Brave for Android OS really needs a Dark Mode

Loving the new version of Brave for Android OS & I have been a loyal user of your desktop client, since its Beta days on the Muon Client. However I have noticed that the Android version is sadly lacking a dark mode, which is now available on the majority of the latest android browsers on the market.

Is there any scope to provide this on the next update… as the display can be quite glaring when viewing the mobile browser in low light

Keep up the great work though!!


Hi @xdunal3306,

No ETA for dark mode for Android. The team is working on other features for now (Sync, etc).

Added your +1 on your behalf


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They have added it (albeit as a beta of sorts) it works pretty well, heres how to activate it:

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Dark theme is available for Brave for Android. Go to Settings > Appearance > Themes.