Dailymail.co.uk site crashes brave

This is not spam, this is a genuine problem. Dailymail.co.uk is one of the most visited news sites in the world and it for some reason crashes on iOS brave. This is not occurring on iOS Safari so it makes me wonder if its a bug?

Description of the issue: dailymail.co.uk site crashes brave

How can this issue be reproduced?: go to: http://dailymail.co.uk

Expected result:

Site should load, it loads fine in iOS Safari

Brave Version 1.57(

Using latest update of Brave on iOS 7

@divestyle it helps if you can make sure to Search Before Posting in the future. This already had 2 topics where responses had been given.

It helps when people don’t add tons of duplicates of issues, especially as Brave has already responded and has a fix incoming.

The issue had been with the EasyList Cookie filter and fix should be incoming.

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