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Description of the issue:
I would like to be able to add widgets pointing to favorite sites on the mobile browser, much as one can already do on the desktop version.
How can this issue be reproduced? mobile browser
2. the widgets are obviously not synced across my mobile devices
3. I can find no place to add additional widgets, though I can rename/re-aim existing widgets

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.39.1 ( on both devices
Mobile Device details
iPad Pro (10.5in) iPadOS 15.5; iPhone 7Plus iOS 15.5
Additional Information:
nothing I can think of!


This is really baffling. A feature that is called „favourites“ can’t be customised or synced. It really should rely on bookmarks because what are those if not my favourite links.

Lacking a homepage button is bad for me. But when the replacement is this bad Brave is having a hard time becoming my default browser on iOS.

You can add favorites to your new tab page on iOS but they are not synced with other devices.
Simply go to a website of your choice, tap on 3dot menu → ‘Add to Favorites’, you can remove existing favorites as well


Thanks for the hint. It’s actually a little bit different. Menu → share → add to favourites. That is…not intuitive. But hey, it’s something.

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Right, another way is to use regular ‘Add bookmark’ button and change save location to ‘Favorites’.
This should also work for existing bookmarks when you edit them

Yes please
iOS mobile brave beta (TestFlight beta brave)
Version: lates version


  • Home page :
    folder(s) + folder + favorites
    folder + favorites
    More favorites
    Home page sync

For example: Safari

  • web translate

For example: Edge , chrome

For example:

This works, but has some serious drawbacks. First of all, favs still don’t sync over OSes, so I have to set it up on different systems multiple times (and the option you describes only works on one of the three I tested). But worst of all, when I move a bookmark to favs on IOs the bookmarks vanishes from bookmarks and is sync-deleted on the other devices. I also can’t move the faved bookmark back to the normal bookmarks.

This is really a mess.

Can’t I even get a simple bookmark bar where I put my most necessary links to be synced across systems?



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