iOS mobile brave beta all Feedback list

  • Web Browser: Brave Account login and account synchronization feature.
  • Web font size 100-90-80-75-70%-…
  • We don’t want ads. Please let us block ads.
  • The ability to add file folders to the Home screen.
  • The ability to add as many websites as we want to the home screen . Full screen like Safari Browser.
  • Website (auto/manuel) language translation feature
  • The startup screen has the problem of syncing. Websites saved on the Start screen do not save when I reinstall the application.

iOS beta brave Ö (TestFlight)
Sürüm 1.39 (

Update update …………. Update

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Yep it is super annoying when you spend that time to work out the defects/enhancements and support don’t even look at the Community page. What is the point of this page if there are NO technical experts to provide advice? I want to use Brave as my main browser but not until the issues I identified have been fixed!!!
PS if you don’t want to see ads you won’t get rewards and you would probably have to pay for it so just ignore them if you don’t want to check them out.

Thanks for feedback

  1. No plans for Brave account. Sync feature exists, based on QR code
  2. Font size setting ships in version 1.39
  3. There is an adblocker in Brave iOS
  4. What folders do you mean, with bookmarks?
  5. There’s not that much space to fit all favorites on new tab page, that’s why there’s a button to expand this list
  6. Translation service is in progress on desktop, once ready we might implement it on iOS
  7. The new tab page bookmarks are not synced currently, due to architecture differences between platforms
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  • The ability to add files folders to the Home screen.
    (For example: safari)

  • The ability to add as many websites as we want to the home screen.
    (For example: safari)

  • Website language translation feature
    (More options features…. Web → share → Microsoft translate)

  • Transparent background image home page.
    (For example: safari)

  • home page ->> More items —>> websites and favorites and folders
    (For example: safari) More items


Home page → more items → folders + favorites + websites

Up up …………………………………up up up

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