Custodial account method

Dear Brave customer supporters. I’ve clicked on the top-right Brave Rewards icon and also On Brave Rewards switch button. Then I have a below message,

“To earn BAT, users must connect a custodial account to Brave Rewards. Unfortunately there’s no have a custodian available in your region, so earning isn’t available. For now, turning on Brave Rewards will automatically support creators.”

How could I create custodial account to connect with Brave browser to earn BAT?

Note: I’m choosing a country India.

India is not supported at the moment by the custodial partners with Brave. We will have to wait till they restore support or till a new Custodian is brought to support India again.
They are working with a new one, not updates about it though.

@SmartyAadi Thanks for your kind information

@SmartyAadi @Mattches do you think india will be supported by a custodial partner before sunsetting of vbat…i tried to connect my gemini account by enabling the flag but i failed

Well. Doesn’t seem like it. Probably not till the next 6 months or so.
Any updates are always updated at

@SmartyAadi @Saoiray do u think brave an bring a new custodial partner for india before sunsetting of vbat??? because if vbats are sunsetted this would be like a cheating with indians since they dont even have an option to connect with a custodial partner to save their bat

I already answered telling that bringing the new custodial before sunsetting of vBAT seems highly unlikely.

Well, that is not just us (Indians). Brave currently doesn’t support a lot of other regions too. On the top of my mind, Germany.

We will have to give it time. I understand your frustration, but seriously they’re trying sincerely and we can’t do anything much anyway.