CSS bug in Reddit tipping button


The tipping button on Reddit is appearing above the “…” button instead of next to it.

Thanks, Dawn! I believe we have an issue filed for this, but I’ll confirm either way. Can you tell me a bit more about your setup to reproduce this bug? Is this only on specific pages, only with a specific browser-width? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Now the tipping buttons are just gone. I can tip posts, but not comments on Reddit. Not sure what’s going on.

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If you aren’t seeing the tipping buttons, you may have turned Brave Rewards off, or you may have disabled the Reddit tipping button from within the Rewards page. To re-enable, visit the Rewards Page (via the ☰ menu), scroll down and open the Tips settings, and re-enable Reddit.



I do have Brave Rewards turned on. I’ve noticed that in Reddit threads I can tip my own comments, but not those of other people.

hi all, was there a solution to that? facing the same problem