Creator Rewards Payout Not Received

Hi! How can I receive my creator rewards. I have a verified Uphold wallet and I can receive all my rewards for ads but I’ve been waiting for this to be transferred to my uphold wallet but its not pushing through. Did I miss anything?


DM sent to @steeven.

Please DM the email linked to your Creators account. Thanks.

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@steeven You keep on telling people to DM you but you never provide any information on the root causes of the recurring payment issues. I did DM you and got no feedback yet. I’m sure you get tons on messages to sort through. But does it even make sense to have to do all this manual labour when decentralised legers are about efficiency gains?! Not to mention the fact that if this was a financial institution, it’d be set on fire by the populace. Without context and explanation, it’s hard to rule out another case of fraud. This situation is just insane.

Hi @stdvbox, please see our DM.