Creating Brave app store

Based on how prevelant censorship has been lately by google and apple in their app stores, Brave should develop their own app store

Also, the dissenter extension for gab is a really neat feature. It basically allows meta discussion of any webpage. Sort’ve like a reddit page/google review for every page. Personally, I think that should be integrated into brave because it allows another layer through which people can discuss anything. You don’t need to, say, purchase an amazon product and leave a review to be able to explain to people viewing the product that perhaps it’s not the best product on the market for its intention–just as an example. Which is great because it means website owners can’t necessarily box out information or discussion they don’t like, even if it is beneficial to those reading it.

Brave has not yet been seen as a serious threat by Apple or Google, but at the rate Brave has been growing and at the rate Big Tech has been censoring and radicalizing, Brave may soon be seen as such. Also, concerning Brave and Gab, Gab not only has its own app store, which Brave lacks, but is also planning on releasing its own phone, which Brave really needs to do something about. By that, I mean release some sort of BraveOS on top of its own app store, if at all possible. If Gab will not cooperate with Brave, then Brave must compete against Gab for the title of Ruler of the Free Web. I admire the idea that the founders of both companies share, which is that of free speech, but I also admire the idea of native cryptocurrencies in a strong company, which Brave has, but Gab does not. BAT is not only money, but is also effectively stock in Brave Software, in that the more people have BAT, the higher the price of the token goes. Gab has no such token in its Dissenter browser. Dissenter is, by the way, a fork of Brave, making a partnership between the two companies unlikely for the foreseeable future. At the rate Big Tech has been abandoned due to the political climate, if Brave does not do something soon, it will be left in the dust by Gab and others. None of us wants that to happen to Brave. Therefore, I ask if the dev team could answer Gab with Brave’s own suite of software and hardware products, if Gab will not cooperate with our beloved crypto-friendly browser.