Please create your own app store - to support banned apps such as Dissenter

By using Chrome’s app store, you’re subject to the whims of what they want to ban. Please add an option to add your own app store… I’d suggest use both at once, assuming that’s possible, as opposed to only using your own app store.

The Dissenter app has been banned by Chrome. There is a workaround, but it requires confirming that developer mode is on, every time I start the browser. It is very annoying.

So, please add this. Gab has announced they will make their own browser with their own app store, so it would be good to add this feature before Gab does it and has an advantage over Brave (which I very much want to continue using!)



There’s a plan to create Brave store


Awesome, thanks! I’ll go check that out.

Please ensure the Brave store does not get political, Brave will have political mods knocking on its door trying to take down extensions like Dissenter, do not cave in. Because if Brave does cave in well many Brave users will abandon Brave for the Dissenter Browser and I will hate to see Brave die off because of that.

I like Brave, Dissenter Browser is great too but I prefer Brave and many are loyal to Brave!

I support the idea of having a Brave-specific extension store.

I developed a very popular extension dedicated to downloading videos from Web pages. On the Chrome version, the one published on the Chrome Web Store, the extension is prohibited from downloading from YouTube (because YouTube = Google = Chrome Web Store). As a result, Brave users who want to install the extension are subject to this same no-YouTube-download policy.

Having your own extension store would be very helpful, even if i understand the workload associated to managing such a service.

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