My favorite feature of the Dissenter browser

When you click on Help it loads this URL:

It is not a well polished browser yet, just like when Brave started out it has a lot of chrome links in it.

I know Brave is not happy they forked Brave to make Dissenter but I am happy that they did since Brave is the best browser to fork after all. Now those who want a a privacy friendly, anti-censorship browser have two options which is Brave and Dissenter. And Brave is the one I prefer but choices are always nice to have! There are lots of browser out there but they lack in privacy, and trust when it comes to censorship.

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Agreed on all counts. Funny to click on Help for a browser and have the Help for another browser display, tho. Talk about “not well polished.”

I was looking at Dissenter out of curiosity, as the issue of being able to comment on every webpage (including those where comments have been disabled) is a preoccupation I don’t have. I wondered how people were making use of it.

Interesting about Brave not being happy. Where have the Brave developers said anything about Dissenter? I haven’t seen that.

I heard that Brendan Eich had an argument on twitter about Gab forking Brave. I understand Brave is a little worried about Dissenter since it can kill Brave since many will use Dissenter over Brave but I doubt this will happen since many see Gab as an “Evil” company so that will keep many from using it and also Brave rewards has been well thought out and has gotten lots of support and adoption over the years. Also you are able to get the Dissenter extension in Brave.

I’d love to see where this is cited :slight_smile:

That is just my opinion. Not cited from anywhere.

My view:

Dissenter won’t be "kill"ing Brave any more than Gab is going to replace Twitter.

Gab has yet to show enough popularity to be seen as anywhere near rivaling Twitter.

And neither Gab nor Dissenter have any discernible support.

What’s “Turbo”?… I guess you meant Torba (?)

He praised Brave when he first announced creating the Dissenter browser. Only objection I recall was Brave Rewards not using bitcoin, which is really a separate issue from the browser.

Are the ‘privacy’ issues with Gab & Dissenter you refer to documented somewhere?

While the original post:

Makes me smile, I’m going to go ahead and close this thread unless anyone has a question or concern with respect to Brave. I can tell you right now that nobody at Brave has so much as batted an eyelash upon learning about Gabs fork of our browser. And, again, it is open source – there’s nothing inherently wrong with them doing this.

They’re free to do/try whatever they want – but the company who has your back on privacy and due diligence will become clear as time moves on. I implore anyone in this thread (or anywhere else) to visit – heck, even look up a few resumes – and see just how stacked this development team is and ask yourself who you’d rather have working on your portal to the internet.

Not sugarcoating anything & I have no particular viewpoint about him. I saw the video he (Andrew Torba) posted when he announced the browser. Everything he said about Brave was positive except for the BAT v. bitcoin.

Hardly worth arguing about, tho.