Creating a .well-known folder in Weebly website

I am trying to verify my website, but I cannot seem to create a .well-known folder in my Weebly account. I go under Themes and to edit HTML/CSS and create a folder in the assets, but it won’t let me create a folder with a . in the front. Am I missing something?

I’m not familiar with Weebly. But you can try DNS record method instead. It’s easier IMHO.

File upload verification won’t work with Weebly. You need direct access to your hosting account for that. Recommend you do what @eljuno suggested and use DNS verification (you’ll need an independent domain; this will not work for a Weebly subdomain). Let me know if you have any questions!

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Thanks, yes that will be easier…I am using namecheap and what
do I put under “host”? Brave? And do I delete that portion from
the token? I have tried it with and without Brave- in the token
and Brave under host and it isn’t working, but I am sure it is
something simple.


No. You need to include all of it e.g. brave-ledger-verification=0e5e9be6d9a40ff3da74315f3ba41383a3a5f9ec0a83c2040b78eb77543ab3582721ea (from help article above.)

It’s @ or

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