Create shortcut not working properly

Description of the issue:

I’m trying to create desktop shortcuts to various sites and have them open “as a window”. This works properly in chrome while on Brave is working on some site and not on others. I’m able to click “Create a shortcut” but then nothing happens. The procedure should create a new App of the webpage that should open from the desktop through the shortcut but neither the app or the shortcut are created on various site.

I reset Brave’s settings and noticed that this issue now persist also on other sites where I was previously able to correctly create a shortcut. This makes me think it is a bug. Is there a way to solve the issue? Thank you in advance.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to more tools
  2. Click on Create Shortcut…
  3. Click “Create”

Expected result:
The order should create a shortcut in the desktop to open a specific site directly

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.12.114 Chromium: 84.0.4147.135 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Can you tell me a specific site or sites in which you can confirm that this behavior happens?

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Sure. For example I was able to create the shortcut properly for and subdomains and for google keep but I’m not able to create the shortcut for coinmarketcap Trading View, Google Translate, Youtube, Facebook for example

I played a little with this install app shortcut thingy… it looks as if after creating the first one, which gets done correctly, subsequent attempts to create new ones don’t display as if done correctly… ie. The first one creates a shortcut on the desktop but ones after don’t create the short cut on the desktop… Also, the first one opens in the brave “application” window if clicking on the shortcut or right-clicking the link on a page and choosing open with “shortcut” name item. There is no desktop shortcut for ones after the first short cut, but there is the context menu open in whatever name the short cut is app and those don’t open in a brave application window at first. I think closing and opening brave the right clicking for the open in new app does open in brave app window. Also in brave’s app data, the shortcuts are in the extensions directory…

It seems like I was able to create these shortcuts/apps without any real issue. I think what you’re seeing is the result of some site-specific situations. For example, I was able to install both coinmarketcap and coingecko “apps” to my desktop without issue. They open in their own window and even display the sites favicon as the shortcut icon. However, For coinmarketcap, I went to Menu --> Install coinmarketcap... as it was available in the menu. However, for coingecko, for whatever reason, that option was not available.

Instead I went to Menu --> More tools --> Create shortcut..., which created a shortcut on my desktop that, when clicked, opened in the Brave browser. I was confused, but upon inspection, the option to Install the site was now available both in the address bar and the Main menu. I suspect there may be some minor conflicts with certain sites but the feature seems to work overall.

When on websites, be on the lookout for icons that denote the ability to install directly:

Thank you for this answer. Your advise solved the problem for some site but not for all of them where the icon to install the app in the URL bar was not present. i solved the solution by installing Brave Beta that luckily doesn’t have this problem. Thank you for you help.

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