Create list of sites to always open private

Create a private list of sites that always open in private / incognito mode. There are extensions for desktop to do this. That is why it is specifically for Android. This feature would allow those that routinely clear data after visiting certain sites to not need to do so. Since it is not all sites, options to automatically clear data on close, will not work.

My vision for it would be to have a list that can be opened under the ability to clear all data in the Brave Shields and Privacy section of settings. This would be separate from bookmarks and site settings (though the ability to get to it from site settings could be useful). This is to keep what needs to stay private, private. Bearing it in settings makes it more difficult to find. It could also be locked via a passkey attached to the phone’s security chip.

I like the idea in general, but for potential users of this functionality to consider you might not want to have a list of pages stored for anyone with access to your unlocked phone to see.