COST PAYMENT Make it go away!

The Payment stuff.

I’m not happy about the idea that I have to pay out $$!
I have NO blockchain accounts and don’t want them until they have well proven themselves for use by cave beings like myself!

How much would I have to put in, for it to never cross my mind again?

WHERE is the information page about this?

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Hi @flashlight,

First, you do not need to pay to use Brave. Brave is free.

But Brave encourage its users to support publishers and creators through, opt-in and anynomous, Brave Payments.

More FAQ about Brave Payments

If you not willing to do so, then using Brave without enable Brave Payments is OK. And you can still be able to use the built-in adblock and other features.

If you willing to test it out, Brave give free BAT for its users

Soon, Brave also will have opt-in, private Brave ads that pay users

Hope that make it clear for you


Being a ‘cave being’ I only grasp some of the information you’ve presented.
I will stare at the text and urls and try to comprehend.

BRAVE should offer a version with ‘TRAINING WHEELS’ such that suggestions pop up when the cursor goes to an area the might have been the spot of a Firefox button.
For example, the BOOKMARK button has apparently gone to Spain for vacation.
There are MANY THINGS I want to BOOKMARK all the time, everyday.

Again, my thanks for your time and thought.

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Found the bookmark! Yippeee

We just got to wait i have the same problem too
No accounts
Just want the truth
Honest and free lance on earnings
Its so marketable
I love using spells of genesis
But that game is not giving linking my accounts either :frowning:

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