Can I just pay a monthly fee?

I don’t want Ads in any shape or form, private or not. Can’t I just pay like $5 monthly into my wallet and use that to pay content creators as I visit their sites?

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You can just turn brave private ads off ?

Hey @nick1. Ads in Brave are completely optional in all areas except Brave News. If you go to brave://rewards you should see something like below, where you can toggle off ads:


If turned off, you won’t see ads there. Obviously you won’t be able to earn BAT either, but that’s your choice.

Currently the only way to tip through Brave is to have your Rewards connected to a custodial partner like Uphold. No ads are required to tip. You are able to buy BAT on Uphold (or whichever custodial partner is available for Rewards in your region) and use it to tip people.

Just an FYI, Brave is working on changing things up a bit here for the future. They are speaking of shifting to an on chain payment system, of adding Rewards over to Brave Wallet, and making peer to peer tipping possible and a lot more easier. Unfortunately, no timeline has been given and we haven’t had a status update in months. We’re still hoping it will be out here in the first half of 2024, but only time will tell what happens.

Until then, it’s as I said earlier, you can add BAT to your balance and can use that to tip Creators.


Just to reinforce what I said. The one and only place Brave does not let ads be optional is if you use Brave News. Brave News is an optional area but if you use it to try to pool news sources together, you’ll see the occasional ad as part of it. So you may have to avoid Brave News if you want no type of ads at all.

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